About us

Our journey to parenthood was a test of endurance – pregnancy complications, infections, baby loss, grief, IVF, miscarriage, an emergency airlift, fear, prematurity, neonatal intensive care, hope, love and miracles.

Somehow we got there and now we are learning from our miracle twin boys, trying to live more in the moment, setting ourselves realistic expectations, accepting the harder days and relishing the good days. 


Our why

As parents we are all ‘winging it’ most of the time, doing our best not to join the chaos and lose our tempers. 

We want to nurture kind, appreciative, emotionally intelligent,

 courageous children. We aspire to spend more time in the calm, inspiring our children, encouraging positive behaviours and boosting our family’s well-being.

However, we totally get that it’s a lot easier said than done.  We aren’t claiming that the Beehaviour buddies can move the dial to ‘nailing it’ as parents/carers all of the time. We can’t promise blissful mealtimes, bath times and bedtimes.

Our aim is to create a total solution for childcare products and resources, to support like-minded parents on their positive parenting journey.  

  • Creating positive character based content for children to spend screen free time brought to life by our Beehaviour buddies.

  • Developing practical tools for grown- ups to support them in practicing positive parenting

We will continue to research what's out there and buzz about the good we discover.  If we can’t find what we are looking for we will create our own.

Our hope is that we can help you nudge the dial towards the calm a little more often and normalise the ups and downs of childcare, supporting you in nurturing children our world needs.

Who are the

Beehaviour buddies?

When our babies were strong enough to leave their incubators we would hold them for hours of Kangaroo care.

It was hard to keep a book up for so long whilst also cuddling, so we started creating stories about four buddies who looked out for all of the families in the unit - 

JJ the Butterfly, Linnie the Bee, Diggle the Grasshopper and Ruby the Ladybird.


The incredible doctors and nurses were our inspiration, they gave us strength whilst selflessly caring for us all, and representing all of the qualities we would want to nurture in our boys.

The buddies are intended to be relatable to both grown ups and children. Colourful, inspirational, gender neutral, supportive and let's not forget fun.


We hope you like our portal. Bee happy xxxx