The challenge
Family dynamics have massively changed over recent decades, with the rise of women in the workplace, men participating more in childcare, increased divorce rates and remarriages.

Meaning that many of todays parents have to juggle work obligations with parenting. This has led to the need for greater levels of shared childcare - mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, child minders, grandparents, teachers all playing their part.


Whilst there is plenty of evidence that children benefit from diversity this can also mean inconsistency which creates feelings of confusion and tension that when absorbed by the child is expressed as unwanted behaviours with longer term negative effects.

Our solution

Beehaviour bands are a wearable visual aid that supports consistency of care.  Designed to be passed between caregivers, bringing attention to the child’s positive actions throughout the day. 


Each wristband incorporates 8 reversible ‘beehaviour tokens’. The child’s choice of colour is used to reflect positive actions.

How it works

  • The grown up wears the band when the child is in their care.

  • They then monitor the child’s behaviour while they are together. Recognising positive behaviours by clicking the tokens into the band colourful side up.

  • The simplicity and visual nature of the bands not only encourage the child to act in a desired way but also as a reminder for the grown up to look out for positive behaviours to describe and recognise them in the moment.

  • At the end of the day it is simple for the grown up to observe the number of positive tokens and ‘take time’ to reflect on the day together with the help of our free journal pages.


Reversible wrist bands using the power of colour to encourage positive behaviours

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