The challenge


Having read that successful happy grown ups tend to share certain qualities, we asked parents to share which behaviours they most want to nurture in their children.

The top four traits identified were;

- resilience

- confidence

- kindness

- appreciation

We started looking for practical resources to share on our portal and we found an excellent range of articles, listicles and some fab books. What we struggled to find was a bite size modular approach that was affordable and not so extensive that it lost our attention.

Our solution


So we decided to create our own! We enlisted the help of experts in teaching, child psychology and CBT, we spoke to lots of parents (and their little ones) to help us create the content and once ready we sent them to our buddy Fi to bring them to life with her illustrations.


Our positivity packs are a printable introduction to our four foundation

behaviours. With the help of four Beehaviour Buddies who will walk you through the meaning of these behaviours along with engaging activities and inspirations.


Aimed at children from 4-10


Practical printable packs to help nurture resilience, confidence, kindness and appreciation.

Image by Annie Spratt