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Working together to make a difference..

GrumpyKid was born out of a desire to offer modern families something 'a little bit different'.

GrumpyKid aims be the go to, one stop shop for modern families looking for inspirational, positive, mindful goods that support the mission to bring our children into an equal, diverse world where they can be whoever and whatever they want to be

"GrumpyKid is my youngest son. GrumpyKid is more than just a name. Whether grumpy, happy, fierce, resilient, determined- GK stands for strength of character. We like to think becoming part of the GK club will give any child the confidence to be whoever and whatever they desire". - Clare GrumpyKid Founder.

GrumpyKid features a selection of carefully curated gifts deigned to inspire, encourage, empower and nurture confidence when it is needed most.