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Colourful and funky upcycled homewares to brighten your world

Sam (our teenaged nephew) was really struggling with motivation during the November lockdown.

So we came up with an idea to use the time stuck at home to get creative. He and his best buddy Dylan came up with the idea of The Colour Clash.

They wanted to source second hand basic items that everybody has such as plant pots, coat-hangers and picture frames and give them a lift of colour so that they could brighten people's homes during lockdown. Selling exclusively through Beehaviour buddies.

'I was re-decorating my room to make it better to be in when we had to be at home lots when kids in our class had Covid. I thought it would look loads better with bright coloured hangers and picture frames so I started to make some. When other people said they would like them we made up our business The Colour Clash'. - Sam - Co Founder The Colour Clash

The Colour Clash will be coming up with regular new ideas for colourful products and are happy to personalise if you want to make a request. They are also supporting small businesses like ours by creating rainbow shredded packaging from upcyled Amazon packaging and used printer paper.