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Fun fact-filled notebooks to help inspire our children for a greener future.

The idea for It’s Our Planet Too came about many years ago, long before children, school pick-ups and play-dates became part of Kate's life. Having studied Environmental Science at Uni, she had an idea for a website about the environment aimed at children. 

Inspired by the numerous children’s books she was reading to her kids every day, she started to write stories and rhymes about endangered animals.

"Everyday we take resources from our beautiful planet and we create a lot of waste too.

But, we can all make a difference to the future of our planet by making small changes to the way we live. 

We may not be able to change the fate of our planet alone, but when we come together the impact can be so huge". 

- Kate Founder of It's Our Planet Too.

Inspire your little ones with a range of colourful notebooks. The perfect choice for a whole heap of creative fun..
Let the doodling begin!