Conscious Consumerism

With the awareness we all have today of climate change and the damage that has been done to our world it would seem wrong for us to start a new business that doesn't evaluate the ethics of all our suppliers and partners but also our impact on the planet in every decision we make.

We pushed hard to create our signature Beehaviour bands from a plant based plastic but unfortunately we are not at a scale where the suppliers we contacted  are able to supply us. It is our ambition to get to this point in the not too distant future.

We are however in talks with our manufacturers to create a second variant of our bands (that will only work for limited colour options) this version will allow us to offer the choice of a recycled plastic band. These bands will be made from recycled Cornish fishing nets. We hope to share more on this soon.


Whilst our bands are not made from recycled plastic they are fully recyclable.

We never want to hear of our products littering the land or oceans so ask that you either pass on or recycle Beehaviour bands that are no longer needed. Alternatively you can return them to us and we will either reuse as demo items or recycle from here.

Please send to ;

Beehaviour Bands

9 Rusper Road 


RH12 4BA