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Unisex kidswear for little characters - Simple and playful with pops of colour

Born out of her desire to find more unisex kids clothes that could be passed from her son to her daughter. Shirine has developed a range of organic tees exclusively for Beehaviour buddies. Motivated by her desire to avoid reinforcing gender stereotypes but also to support slowing fashion down with kidswear that can get more wear!

"Gone are the days when it’s pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Gender neutral doesn't have to mean dressing kids from head to toe in monochrome, that bypasses their love of colour and can lead to washing challenges (darks or whites?) My kids want to wear pops of colour with fun playful prints".

Shirine Co-Founder Scotch & Hop

The name Scotch & Hop references the original name for the game of Hop Scotch. A gender neutral game that her kids like to play together or on their own.


Her designs will be based on games and toys that carry a similar theme of being gender neutral and passed down for generations.