We are excited that we will soon be launching our Crowdfunding campaign to help us raise funds to produce our first order of Beehaviour bands. All of the images we have at the minute are prototype but we will have product early November. 


How it works


* The grown up wears the band when the child is in their care

* They then monitor the child's behaviour whild they are in charge.

* Recognising positive behaviours by clicking the token into the band  

   colourful side up.

* The simplicity and visual nature of the bands not only encourages the child to act in a desired way but also as a reminder for the grown up to look out for positive behaviours to describe and recognise them in the moment.

* At the end of the day it is simple for the grown up to observe the number of positive tokens and 'take time' to reflect on the day together with the help of our free journal pages.


Beehaviour Bands - In Childs Favourite Colour

Wrist band & Neutral Token