Aimed at children from 4-10


The best thing we can do to support our childrens wellbeing is to spend time with them individually every day. Giving them positive attention and emotional connection they are hard wired to need.

Diggle's Positivity Pack - Appreciation

  • Having read that succesful happy grown ups tend to share certain qualities, we asked parents to share which behaviours they most want to nurture in their children.

    The top four traits identified were:

    - resilience
    - confidence
    - kindness
    - appreciation

    With the help of experts in teaching, childcare,  child psychology, CBT  and lots of wonderful parents we have created this pack of engaging activities and inspirations focussed on practicing gratitude and appreciation with the help of our buddy Diggle the grass hopper.

    To show our appreciation we will be making a donation to our charities for every pack sold.