For as long as I can remember, when I’ve told people I’m a twin they have made similar comments and comparisons.

Which is the evil twin? Who is the outgoing one? I can tell you are the sporty one/clever one/arty one!!…

Their fascination with our ‘twinship’ no doubt contributed to my interests and studies in sociology, psychology and consumer behaviour - in particular the ongoing research into nature v’s nurture  

Figures show that more and more children are growing up with mental health issues and a negative self worth.  Having researched the science relating to positive psychology, gentle parenting, conscious parenting, the happiness pie, adult centred v’s child centred, character-based education, positive praise and studies surrounding self esteem, this toolkit was born out of our desire to focus on what is possible to nurture v's what is inherent.

Tools and resources (brought to life by our buddies) that will help build positive habits and family well-being. We recognise that families come in all shapes and sizes with individual challenges and needs that are continually evolving. We aren’t looking to create a one size fits all approach,  more of a pick and mix from which to discover tools, products and resources to support your family’s unique blend. 


Beehaviour Bands

Reversible wrist bands that use the power of colour to encourage positive behaviours.


Positivity Packs

Practical printable packs to help nurture resilience, confidence, kindness and appreciation.

taketime copy.jpg

Take Time

Simple and fun activities to bring families closer together. Designed to take 10 minutes or more.